Building a Friendly Workplace


I’m a firm believer that having friends at work and having a friendly workplace is a huge factor in driving engagement and overall employee satisfaction. A good aquantance of mine, Barbara Armstrong from Kahler Slater, will be partnering with the Great Place to Work Institute to deliver a presentation on how the physical office design can foster friendships. If you’re interested in corporate culture you should check it out.

 Breaking Down the Cubicle Walls: How Building a “Friendly” Workplace Can Help Your Company Become a Great Workplace

Tuesday, August 10 at 11am PT (1pm CT)

 Hosted by: Leslie Caccamese, Great Place to Work® Institute and Barbara Armstrong, Kahler Slater

 Price: $95


 A well-designed workspace can be an essential tool to creating a company where pride in individual, team and organizational accomplishments, along with camaraderie and a feeling of belonging among employees can flourish. Such workplaces can also provide enhanced opportunities for collaboration and directly contribute to fostering innovation and creativity.

In this online seminar, Leslie Caccamese, Communications Director at Great Place to Work® Institute, will be joined by Barbara Armstrong, a Principal and Workplace Experience Strategist at Kahler Slater, an interdisciplinary design firm and six-time Best Company to Work for winner. Together, they will explore what it means to be a friendly workplace and how the actual, physical workspace can hinder or abet positive interactions among employees.

About Marisa

Marisa Keegan is a leadership coach, trainer, and HR consultant for quickly growing organizations who are passionate about strengthening their employees, their brand, and their culture. She has helped lead the HR, culture, and engagement initiatives at two nationally recognized great places to work; Rackspace as Culture Maven and Modea as Talent Manger. She is an author at Fistful of Talent and Culture Fanatics. Marisa has her Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology and currently lives with her husband and twin boys in Richmond, Virginia.
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