Get Rid of The Posters

I walked into an office the other day and the first thing I saw was a sign demanding in big, bold, lettering that employees wear their badges at.all.times. I instantly felt like I was in the fifth grade and being scolded by the principal. I hated the feeling it gave me.

Leaving passive aggressive signs up for employees telling them what to do is not a great way to build a positive environment. First, your employees aren’t in the fifth grade. They’re adults. The ones who are wearing their badges don’t need that sign and the ones who aren’t wearing their badges obviously aren’t reading the stupid sign. So just get rid of it – and all the other signs/notes about cleaning up after yourself, not eating other people’s food from the fridge, and remembering to fill out the TPS report.

The first people to argue with this stance will say, “but our employees need to be wearing badges and the only way I can make sure everyone is wearing one is to post this sign.”

I completely disagree. If your employees aren’t doing something you need them to do then talk to them in person. If they aren’t wearing their badges then walk up to them, explain why it’s important for them to wear their badges at all times, and ask them very nicely to make sure they’re wearing their badge. If they are caught not wearing it again, ask them politely, explain the situation again, and let them know that you are going to talk to their supervisor about it.

Remember, most of your employees are doing the right thing and by posting these nasty little notes you’re punishing everyone for what a few people are doing wrong.

Editors Note: Marisa is a leadership coach, management trainer, and motivational speaker on all things Culture and Engagement.  She has helped lead the culture and engagement initiatives at two nationally recognized great places to work; Rackspace as Culture Maven and Modea as Talent Manger. Today Marisa consults, coaches, and leads seminars for organizations looking to increase productivity by focusing on management training and employee engagement.

About Marisa

Marisa Keegan is a leadership coach, trainer, and HR consultant for quickly growing organizations who are passionate about strengthening their employees, their brand, and their culture. She has helped lead the HR, culture, and engagement initiatives at two nationally recognized great places to work; Rackspace as Culture Maven and Modea as Talent Manger. She is an author at Fistful of Talent and Culture Fanatics. Marisa has her Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology and currently lives with her husband and twin boys in Richmond, Virginia.
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