About the Fanatics

Marisa Keegan – Founder of Culture Fanatics

I’m currently a writer, speaker, consultant, and coach on all things culture, aka self-employed which rocks because I finally have a chance to take everything I learned driving culture and engagement for two nationally recognized great places to work and use it to help other companies build strong cultures.

Professionally, I’m most proud of  the fact that two of the companies I’ve worked for have become nationally recognized as great places to work…and I’d like to think I had a little part in that.  

I think every company should care about culture and engagement because who wants to work for a company that doesn’t? Plus, it’s not new news that engaged and happy employees lead to bigger profits and who doesn’t like a little extra “cha-ching” in their pockets? 

My favorite guilty pleasure is watching trashy reality TV with a tub of ice cream in my lap. My biggest personal accomplishment is having two babies…at once. And if there is one thing I’d want you to know about me it’s that as soon as I have sponsors (enter shameless plea for your company to sponsor me) lined up I’m going to bike across the country with the goal of stopping along the way to inspire others to follow their dreams. 

You should read my rants because lets face it, they’re more exciting then the next three things you have to get done today. 

Candace Nicolls – Fanatic #1

I’m currently an Engineer Hunter, aka Principal Recruiter at Snagajob, the #1 Small Business to work for according to Entrepreneur Magazine’s Best Place to Work list, which rocks because here, we know that the dream begins with the right job.

Professionally, I’m most proud of  the fact that I’ve been able to work for companies that I’ve truly believed in, and could help bring in talent that would genuinely thrive there.

I think every company should care about culture and engagement because your employees are your greatest advocate! You want your raving fans to grow from the inside out.

My favorite guilty pleasure is horror movies. Especially zombie movies. I can’t get enough of them, and the cheesier they are, the better I like them. My biggest personal accomplishment hasn’t happened yet, but I’m training for the Richmond Half Marathon this year. If I write it here, then I HAVE to do it! And if there is one thing I’d want you to know about me it’s that I hate to sit still, and I’d always prefer to be crazy busy than bored.

You should read my rants because I’m going to figure out a way to work zombies into at least three of my posts.

Lara Morrow – Fanatic #2

I’m currently a queen of all things culture, aka Queen of Fun & Laughter (yes, actual title on my business card) at The Beryl Companies, #2 on the Best Place to Work list which rocks because we’re a call center!  Have you ever been to a call center?  They cram tons of people in dark, dingy spaces and turnover is thought to be good if they can achieve 105% annualized turnover in a year!  Not at Beryl!  In 2007, we were the first call center to ever grace the list. 

Professionally, I’m most proud of  the fact that I am helping spread the word that if organizations take care of their people, the success will come naturally.  I work for a man who allows me to take care of any employee need no matter what the circumstances.  Now that is autonomy! 

I think every company should care about culture and engagement because it isn’t just a fad.  If you don’t treat your people like the important commodity that they are, someone else will. 

My favorite guilty pleasure is chocolate, Pinot Noir and cooking magazines!  My biggest personal accomplishment is teaching myself Photoshop, HTML and CSS. And if there is one thing I’d want you to know about me it’s that I don’t take myself too seriously and neither should you.  Life is about taking chances and having fun!

You should read my rants because you never know what I might say at any given moment!  No really, I have been with Beryl for 12 years.  I have seen a lot of successful culture initiatives and I have learned from the ones that weren’t so successful.  I am passionate about sharing so others don’t have to reinvent the wheel.