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Are You Interviewing For Culture Fit?

When I talk to employees about creating interview questions I’m always surprised at how many of them shy away from asking culture fit and personality types of questions. They either worry that they’re going to inadvertently ask an illegal question or they … Continue reading

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Good Leaders Can Handle The Truth

It’s not always easy to hear the truth – especially when it’s about ourselves…and our shortcomings. But if you’re serious about becoming a better leader try this exercise out. Find one of your direct reports. If you’re new at this … Continue reading

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You Say “Working From Home” I Say “Couch Surfing”

There’s a lot of pressure these days to be the coolest kid on the block from a culture perspective. After all, if you’re vying for the best talent you’ve got to compete against the big dogs who are going to … Continue reading

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Disney Nails It Again

Instead of a Culture Crusher this week I thought I’d take a different angle. Think about how this security guard adds to the Disney experience. He’s not just a security guard, he’s part of the image Disney is trying to … Continue reading

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Bad Managers Sandwich. Good Managers Drop The Bread.

Are we all familiar with the Sandwich Feedback Technique in which a good bit of feedback is given (praise), then constructive feedback (criticism), then another good bit to round out the burger…er, sandwich? Can we all make a promise that … Continue reading

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I’m A Bad Communicator. You’re Fired.

It’s amazing to me that two grown adults can go into a meeting, hear the same person speak, and leave with two completely different opinions of what just happened. Perception is reality, right? I was recently working with Phil, a … Continue reading

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Good Leaders Embrace Being Human

No one is right every time, has the answers all the time, or is is strong at every moment. But as leaders we often feel like we should be. A good leader isn’t afraid to show weakness or doubt. In fact, if … Continue reading

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